BN-100A (Top Grade)

รหัส: BN-100A-TopGrade
สอบถามCallCenter 02-011-8699

Function Features

Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system

The microprocessor-controlled unit allows for three modes: pre-warm, manual and automatic

APGAR timer to record therapy time

Audible and visual Alarm functions :

Power failure, temperature deviation, temperature sensor failure, skin temperature failure, over temperature Heater head can be adjusted ±90°horizontally

Convenient X-ray cassette tray under infant bed

Tilt angle of infant bed is adjustable

A second thermal cut-out function for more safety

Four Transparent protector folded with 2 infusion seals

Skin temperature sensor failure protect function avoid over temperature

RS-232 connector, 1 tray


Each unit is packed one plywood case Size:110*78*86cm
Transport and storage
Environment temperature-40℃~+55℃
Environment relative humidity≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure500~1060hpa